Step to the front of the line

For a one-time program fee of $1,000, you’ll gain exclusive access to select listings and receive a generous credit at closing.
Three iPhone screens with different Pacaso Access views in the Pacaso app.
  • Preview

    Shop new listings before they’re available to the general public.

  • Access

    Receive alerts for coveted resale shares — an exclusive program benefit.

  • Save

    Receive $2,500-$10K in credit toward your closing costs when you’re ready to buy.

  • Gain a buying advantage

    Modern Spanish-style luxury home with pool at sunset.

    You want a second home, but you haven’t found “the one.” Or maybe your dream Pacaso is already sold out. 

    Pacaso Access gives you a VIP shopping advantage. Step over the velvet rope, and be the first to know about new listings and previously sold-out homes with newly available shares. 

    Resale shares sell fast — so fast, they’re often sold before the homes are publicly listed. Pacaso Access gives you an exclusive opportunity to shop these hot listings that most buyers miss out on.

    How Pacaso Access works

    Modern Napa Valley home with acreage and pool.

    Program cost: One-time enrollment fee of $1,000

    Use our app to discover and save exclusive listings. Once enrolled, download or update the Pacaso app to view listings only available to Pacaso Access buyers.   

    Shop VIP listings. Early access listings will be viewable in the app as they become available. 

    Pre-shop sold homes. Don’t miss your chance to own a sold-out Pacaso. Browse and save sold homes, and we’ll send an alert when a share is up for resale so you can take action. 

    Purchase and save. When you buy a Pacaso, you’ll receive $2,500 in closing credits per ⅛ share purchased — 2.5x the Pacaso Access program cost. Buyers of ¼ share will receive $5,000 in closing credits, and buyers of ½ share will receive $10,000 in closing credits.

    Shop on your timeline

    Use your benefits to take action sooner — or take as long as you need to find your perfect second home. Pacaso Access benefits are yours for the life of the program (the closing cost credit can be applied to one purchase only).

    Want to speak with someone about Pacaso Access? Call us at 415-562-8049.

    Frequently asked questions

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    • Can I enroll at any time?

    • After I enroll in Pacaso Access, where do I find the exclusive listings? 

    • I am a current owner. Can I retroactively participate in Pacaso Access?

    • I own a Pacaso, but I’m interested in transferring to a different home. Can I opt into Pacaso Access?

    • How long are my Pacaso Access benefits available?

    • If I decide not to buy a Pacaso second home, is my enrollment fee refundable?

    See full program terms